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Citizen Scientists, or perceptive people, have made some of the most significant pest detections in recent decades, including the Asian Longhorn Beetle and other invasive species.

The Alaska Integrated Pest Management program wants to recruit YOU as a Citizen Scientist.

Our goal is to educate individuals who enjoy observing the natural world and are curious about learning more about what they see. The more citizen scientists looking for insect, plant and disease organisms throughout our state, the better informed we are on current issues that may impact our environment, natural resources and food supply.

Anyone can be a “first detector” by noticing new or unusual pest sightings in our gardens, landscapes, forests and other natural areas. Volunteer citizen scientists are encouraged to submit requests and photos regarding insects, plants or diseases in their local area. The information submitted is sent to a statewide team who will promptly respond with information regarding the sample. As needed, pertinent information can be sent to local or state land resource managers who may quickly respond to potential problems.

Volunteer citizen scientists will have unique opportunities to receive training from a variety of experts on a multitude of topics.

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